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Fake movie trailers are some of the most creative, entertaining videos you’ll find on the Interwebs. (See Requiem for a Day Off for proof.) The latest, posted by via Buzzfeed, takes one of my favorite childhood movies (which, coincidentally, also features divorce), Mrs. Doubtfire, and re-imagines it as a psychological thriller.

I almost didn’t buy it, until they revealed Robin Williams, sans makeup, chirping on the phone in his faux-female Scottish brogue. Creeeeepy. The quick cuts at the end are pretty inspired, too. Who thought a light-hearted drag comedy could be so chill-inducing?

Yet another cautionary tale for divorcées everywhere: don’t accidentally hire your transvestite ex as your housekeeper, or he’ll become obsessed with your children. Completely plausible.

–Katie Nowak



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