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 "If you've got melted chocolate in your hands, you're eating it too slowly."
 - Unknown


Snickers Speak for Forget About It. Photo Credit:

Mondays call for an extra shot of chocolate, don’t you think?

So while you’re drinking your nth cup of coffee, twiddling your thumbs at your desk and pretending to be busy, here’s something fun and totally useless to keep you amused for, say, a solid five minutes–depending on how creative you want to be. 

The Snickers ad campaign went all out with its own Snickers lingo called “Snacklish” that lets you translate a random word, name, or phrase, to something more chocolatey. The Snacklish generator on turns the mundane, like “cellphone” into its sweet counterpart “caramellphone,” and “university” to “chewniversity.” Wait, it gets better. 

Type in proper names like “Obama” and you get “Chompmander In Chief,” and “Brad Pitt” becomes “Brad Pittisfaction.” (okay, that made me laugh out loud.)

“Jesus” translates to “Holier than Chow.”

I tried “Hersheys” and it told me to “Chews Wisely.” You gotta hand it to them–people at Mars have thought this through!

But don’t get too creative because the game is censored–words like “penis” and “vagina” generate “Chews Again,” which tell you to type in a new word. You can type “dick” though, and it translates to “richowed.” Disclaimer: Obviously I had to try everything to come up with a great post.

So, try your hand at it post your Snacklish here!

Read the NY Times Article on the Snacklish campaign here. 

Show Me: “Patrick Chewing” on the Snickers Commercial

Havisfaction Anut Chowsome Mouthday.” (“Have an awesome Monday.”)

– Snickris Caramalcantara (Kris Alcantara)

Sugarhigh: Trail Mix Dark Chocolate with Raisins Granola Bar
Score: A- (love it.)