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I have more conversations with myself than I do other people.

There’s always little chatter going on up in my head and most of the time – especially when I have a million things on my plate – I can’t get the noise up there to just shut up.

The times in my life when I have achieved a sense of mental clarity is when I practiced yoga. As a practitioner off and on since high school – now seven years – I decided this week to go back to yoga.

I have practiced all forms – Bikram (hot room), Ashtanga (mix of heat and flow), Hatha (no heat and stretching), and Vinyasa (no heat and rapid flow).

I have the least amount of experience with Vinyasa and am embarking on my mental journey through this yoga type. It isn’t my favorite (Bikram is), but it’s the only studio within walking distance – I am a carless Californian who recently moved to New York.

I don’t care though. I miss yoga and will take it how I can get it for some mental clarity – that is if I get it.

I’m setting out to practice four to five times a week, writing about my experiences after every class and backing the revelations I find in class with expert advice.

They say yoga clears the mind and reduces stress. There is tons of literature out there to support the healing yoga can provide for women in all walks of life – those working, married, and divorced. Let’s see if it does.

May the Ohm’s, deep breathing, and inverted poses begin. I hope focus and relaxation ensues.

After some classes I get a yoga “high,” so at the end of each blog post I’ll be marking the level of yoga “high” I get on a 1-5 scale.

Let the mind begin to sleep and my body awaken.

Yoga high today: 0. (Hope to be at a five soon!)



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