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"Seven days without chocolate makes one weak." - Unknown

Chocolate Covered Bacon

Photo: Chocolate Covered Bacon–Incredibly good or incredibly gross?

Chocolate-covered things fascinate me.

My whole family was a huge fan of chocolate-covered gummy bears when it first came out (admit it mom!), although admittedly I was probably the most hardcore. My sister had a chocolate-covered coffee beans phase, short-lived as it was. Chocolate and nuts–seriously one of the best chocolate combinations EVER–was the one thing my dad couldn’t lay off of during his admirable 5-year Atkins stint. Yes, I come from a family of chocoholics. Chocolate is in our blood.

There are some crazy stuff out there that people dip in chocolate–and about 9 out of 10 times I’m usually a fan. One thing I’m dying to try is chocolate-covered bacon. Yes it’s a heart attack waiting to happen but it still sounds so disturbingly awesome. Imagine the play of salty and sweet flavors on your tongue. It’s like honey-cured bacon only much, much more exciting! Admit it, you gotta be at least curious.

This year’s Bacon Camp (yes, there is such a thing) held in San Francisco last March showcased a ton of bacon desserts and one of them was chocolate-covered bacon with peanuts and coffee beans. I’ve never heard anything more absurd and more delicious in my life. Read about this blogger’s Bacon Camp experience here. See it to believe it!


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Wanna try it at home? Do it! Do it! And do tell me all about it.

Coming Soon–Top 5 Bizarre Chocolate-Covered things. (crickets, anyone?)
Today's Sugarhigh: Coldstone Creamery's Cake Batter Batter Ice Cream
with Chocolate Chips
Score: A-

Here’s to bacon love!

– Kris Alcantara



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