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"Life is like chocolate.. Sometimes you gotta deal with nuts." - Unknown

This recipe is for serious chocolate emergencies.

Like when you’re having a particularly loooong day and you need something to cheer you up fast. Or when you’re having a great day and you want to celebrate. Or when you just had a crappy, crappy lunch and you need to wash away that foul taste in your mouth with something sweet, stat.  OR, if you’re anything like me and you don’t need a reason or occassion to eat chocolate (which just means I generally have a chocolate crisis everyday). Whatever constitutes a chocolate emergency for you, here’s a super easy homemade cake recipe that will fix your craving in five minutes flat. Meet the microwave-able chocolate mug cake.

Today I found this great recipe from Grizzly Groundswell and I was completely sold. Why it’s so awesome:

1. You don’t need an oven, mixer, or any other cooking equipment to make it except for a microwave. As an oven-less person, this makes me so happy.

2.   It’s served in a mug so it’s individually-sized and perfect for quick-fixes.

3.  Once you get all the ingredients in the mug, it takes three minutes to bake in the microwave. Three minutes! You can make this cake between commercial breaks.  

Seriously, a five-year-old can do this. Check it out:

chocolate mug cake step one.


chocolate mug cake step two.

3. Add a scoop of ice cream and ta-dah! Not bad for something that came out of the microwave.

chocolate mug cake

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Thanks to Attila the Honey (awesome name by the way) for sharing.  She also provides a low-fat Splenda version in the recipe that you might want to consider.

On a side note…

June’s here! I found an astrological guide to chocolate-eating on iVillage and as a Gemini, this was spot on for me.

See if it’s true for you!

 – Kris Alcantara 

Today's Sugarhigh: Starbucks' low-fat banana bread with chocolate chips.
(thanks Anuya!)
Score: B