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Some more fashion rules that should NEVER be broken:

Do NOT wear:

1. Clear bra straps

2. Shoes or sandals with velcro. Sick. (Unless you’re hiking through the Amazon jungle)

3. Platform flip flops or flip flops with heels.

4. Bad breath and chewing gum are not accessories, so down a few tic tacs and be done with it. Don’t chew gum on stage, the red carpet, T.V., at a professional meeting, etc.

5. Blue tooth accessories. I mean at least take it out if you’re not on it, there is no reason to keep it on all day when no one is calling you… you’re not that important.

6. Multiple visible tattoos. We know love your momma, but you don’t have to flaunt it.

7. Clip on sunglasses to your actual glasses. Please don’t, I don’t know who told you that was cool because it never was.

8. Visible panty lines. Ladies, let me introduce you a wonderful invention called the thong. Thong, meet the ladies.

9. Just be careful with undergarments in general. If you’re cups runneth small, get a new bra–double boobs are by no means attractive. If you can see the color of your undies or bras through your clothing, invest in nude colored garments.

10. Clothing that is too tight. When you look like you’re shopping at Baby Gap, it’s not OK.

11. Clothes for the wrong season, if it’s winter wear a coat. If it’s summer don’t.

12. Too many colors, fabrics, or patterns. No one wants to stare at a bad case of wardrobe vomit.

13. Mullets. Come on people it’s over, just get a new cut–you’ll feel much better when you step into this century, I promise.

14. Too much make up. And don’t be one of those ladies who has to run to the powder room every hour to re-apply.

15. Jelly sandals. Ew.


So we’ve all heard of consignment shops, but ever tried to take a gander and step inside? You’d be surprised at what you’ll find. For me, I found a mess and a half. And this was no normal small little closet of a place. I’m talking about Filene’s Basement in downtown Chicago, IL. It was huge. Jeans, blouses, dresses, shoes, and accessories galore. Even such things as umbrellas, bath and body products, make up, and home furnishings. But I walked around that whole store twice and found nothing worth swiping my debit for. I didn’t want to force myself to make a purchase, and I didn’t have to.

So what’s the best way to shop designer cheap? Online I say! There are consignment type stores popping up all over the web, and they are becoming hot hot hot! How hot? Many times when I get on these sites, much of the cute stuff is sold the hell out — that’s how hot they are (so get on it ladies and gents). But no worries, plenty of delicious choices are always available. The trick with these websites is how to catch the best sales at the right time, because most of them are timed to only let you shop from a specific designer for a set amount of hours on a chosen day. Best part is, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your desk, or couch … or bed (for the uber lazy–i.e. myself).

Haute Look

Want accessories, watches, perfumes, clothes, etc, etc, etc? This site will have you stylin’ in some hot designer gear asap.

Positives to

  • Great variety in different types of fashion products
  • Huge sales on designer products. Up to 70% off on some items
  • Products for women, men, and children

Negatives to

  • Limited time sales. Fix: make sure you have alerts of designers emailed to you so you are catching your faves!
  • Only three sales going on at a time
  • Cannot peek at upcoming sales

Rue La La

Ool la la right? Right. Talk about some tippity top designers in everything from clothes to shoes to china to cutlery. Not to mention 500 other things. This super exclusive site caters to women, children, and men, dressing them in some pretty studly items. This online boutique host also has limited time sales until each designer store shuts down (usually a two day sale). However, since Rue La La is invite only, you can’t just sign up whenever. But let me know if you want an invite and I shall send you one!

Positives of RueLaLa

  • Amazing selection
  • Longer lasting sales
  • Great home products
  • More exclusive
  • Up to 70% and more off
  • More sales going on at a time (Right now seven sales are on!)
  • Can preview upcoming sales

Negatives to RueLaLa

  • Invite only


Since I mentioned in an earlier post that hair can be the number one accessory to an outfit, why not talk about an accessory to an accessory? Bangs baby bangs.

Bangs are a great way to add some spice to your do, but discretion is advised: they are not meant for everyone. And ladies, do not try this at home–always ask your stylist before you make the cut!

Four finger test: So here’s a little test that I like to recommend to friends considering embarking upon the bang boat. It’s called the 3-4 finger test. Take your four fingers and place them between your eyebrows and hair line. If they fit comfortably (or if there is room left over), then bangs it is. If not, try three fingers and depending on your face shape, you can bang it up too.

Here are some examples of celebs who did bangs all right–or all wrong. Let’s make sure you show up on the good list and not the bad!

Not to bang! Some may think Rachel is rocks her new bangs… but I disagree.

Bang baby bang. Jessica Alba look great with the sexy side bang.

Not bang-able                                    Bang-able

Totally bang-able. Reese Witherspoon = epitome of perfect bangs

Audrina Patridge looks much better without the bangs! She should not have even gone down that path… Although her middle part is a bit awkward. Maybe we’re just too used to seeing her with the messy hair look.

Love her. Fringe-a-licious.
(note, when I say “not to bang”, “bang”, or “bang-able”–I am speaking only of hairstyles)
*image from google images


So I’ve never really been a fan of lipstick–for myself. But the shades this season are begging me to change my mind.

It’s not really the colors that pushed me away, but it was more that waxy coated feel that I disliked. However, now cosmetic brands have so many different ways to stain your lips, I can avoid the wax attack all together.

Some shades that I adore and I think are really in this season are baby pinks and corals. It’s those soft bright colors that are summer savvy, and they are just to die for on. So get ready for the perfect pout, because the ultimate rule of being a diva is to never leave the house without your lipcolor.

The winning lip gloss is: NARS Lip Gloss

Not only are these shades full of popping pigments and fun sparkles, but they will add some serious drama with their sheer, semi-sheer, and creamy formulas. Pucker up baby, because if their names don’t catch your eye–the versatile colored glosses definitely will.

My summer NARS color picks:
Frisky Summer
Pillow talk

The winning lipstick is: MAC Lipstick

This is the stick that put MAC on the map. Since MAC’s cosmetics are designed for the runway, studio, or stage make up, you know you’re getting some high quality long-lasting stuff. I vote for MAC, not only because of the quality, but because of the variety of shades. Oh you know just a whopping 142 shades… and that’s not even counting the special editions, the slimshine lipstick, or the longwear lipcolour.

My MAC summer color picks:

^             ^
Vegas Volt Lickable (third and fourth from the right, the pink and coral shade).

The winning lipstick/lipgloss combo: Bobbi Brown Cream Lipcolor

My gold star goes to this two-in-one trick because I actually don’t get that waxy feel when I wear it, and it technically is a type of lipstick. Not to mention it looks beautiful on. This BB creation is a lip gloss, lipstick, and lip plumper all in one. Finally ladies, we can be lazy and fabulous at the same time.

Pink Ballet in the top left.


Something that I absolutely love in the fashion world are headbands. They can get so trendy or stay simple and still look good. Unfortunately I happen to have the most sensitive head and can’t seem to take the pressure that comes with wearing a headband for too long. So when I find that perfect fitted band, I’ll wear it to death. Not to say I don’t wear those beautiful ornamented headbands just because they give me terrible headaches, beauty is pain ladies–we all know that by now.

So let’s look at some gorgeous head gear that will make any outfit stylin. And don’t be afraid to add some of these crazy accessories to your head–you’ll get so many compliments from other ladies who wish they would have tried it first.

I love how this double headband has that summery pretty feel. It’s almost got that crocheted home-made touch.
(Tasha Circle Headband, Nordstrom)

This super cool faux zipper headband will make any simple outfit not so simple anymore.
(Marc by Marc Jacobs, $98)

I love this one. It will look good on any hair color, and it just screams greek goddess!
(Tasha Serpentine Metal Headband, $42)

This tortoise shell style headband will look good with any outfit–it is versatile enough to accent and compliment prints, solids, or stripes.
(France Luxe Skinny Headband, $20)

This stunning Victorian antique crystal headband is perfect for a night out or a special occasion. It’s pricey, but it will make a statement.
(Jennifer Behr, $188)

Vintage ribbon and crystal chain headband can be worn as a circlet or a regular headband.
(Jennifer Beher, $425)

This headwrap has a delicate Victorian style broach that just makes it superbly elegant.
(Jennifer Behr, &182)

I want them all…


Another obsession of mine, pearls. Pearl me up or pearl me down… I’ll be happy as can be.

There is something to be said about the elegance and timeless beauty of pearls. A woman could throw on with a plain V-neck t-shirt and she would be glammed up in seconds. Rock some pearl studs to the gym, and lady you’ll be stylin in your sweats. Point being, that only pearls have the class to beautify almost any outfit–of course some moderation in size is advised. Those fist sized pearls are just a mockery…

Timeless beauty Audrey Hepburn in a stunning pearl necklace.
*image from

If you try adding ‘bling’ to any outfit, too much of that could get tacky… but pearls–never tacky.

*image from

There are so many ways to wear pearls and not over do it. If you have on a simple black dress, you can add multiple strands of pearls to add some fun class to your outfit. If you do many strands though, refrain from adding a bracelet as well. But if you want to do one pearl necklace, you can still accessorize by adding a pearl bracelet and ring. Pearl studs are welcome in any case.

Sarah Jessica Parker accelerated the trend of pearls when her character, Carrie, on Sex and the City adorned a Mikimoto pearl strand throughout much of the show. But Parker seemed to keep up with this trend even when she wasn’t filming. Although in reality, Parker says it’s Carolee’s 72″ endless faux pearl rope that she sports. For the most part, SJP is a pretty great fashion icon, so on this one, let’s follow her.

*image from


Hair is one of the biggest, best, most stylish accessories to add to your outfit. You could be in an extremely simple outfit and have you hair look fabulous and that’s all you need.

*image from

A great look, classic for the summer, is the messy wavy look. If your hair doesn’t have natural waves that you can play up (or down), try adding some volumizing mousse and blow dry with diffuser accessory. Just don’t add too much mousse, or you’ll get those crispy waves. If your hair is already curly–but too curly–just add some straightening cream and blow dry your curls out.

*image from


Another style you can add is a dainty braid weaved into your hair (if you can’t do that try some twists instead). Just take a small piece of hair from one side of your part and either braid, or french braid to make a faux headband.

*image from

If you want to go drastic and get a cute hair cut, try a cute bob with straight across bangs (but first ask your hairdresser is the right look for you!). Or if you want to be ultra trendy, try the asymmetrical bob–you’ll look extra chic!












photo credit:


So I was surfing the net yesterday and I was really intrigued by canvas magazine‘s posts, issues, and well … pretty much everything else on the site. There were so many fun and unique designs and products to look at. Among the most interesting were these pieces of jewelry… 

When I saw this necklace first I wasn’t sure if I should be creeped out or if I should admire it. In the end I decided, I think it’s interesting–but in a good way. I think it’s sassy and kind of sexy. Like you’re winking at some cute guy with a coy look on your face… If this necklace was worn with a pretty white collared blouse, a black pencil skirt, and a fun pop of shoes (bright purple, red, pink, blue, or a crazy print–go wild ladies!)–I think you would have a rather fashionable and winning outfit.

*This one gets my gold star of the week, maybe I’ll even make the purchase. 


These earrings I’m not so sure about. They kind of look like they have mini rabbit tails hanging off them. Curious, but maybe not so much in a good way. 


Now, with this necklace, I think it would have to be worn well to avoid that getting the “wow that lady is really weird” look. Just like the eyelash necklace, wearing business casual clothing to contrast the playfulness of the necklace  would probably be the best bet. I could see a cream silk or cotton blouse, a chic navy pleated or A-line skirt, with some crocodile or snake skin pumps.  Add some gold bangles and pearl studs and ladies, you’ll be tres chic! 

*above three images from, jewelry by Stephanie Simek


This ring and bracelet design is a something different, fun, and feminine to add to any outfit. It’s subtle, but still has a punch. I like. 

This one almost beat the eyelash necklace for my favorite pick of the week. It’s kind of like the opposite of an engagement ring. The diamond is there, but it’s more personal and private. So ladies if you still want to keep your rock post divorce, maybe use the diamond and have it made into this little contraption of a ring. If you want to nix the text on the top of the ring, that could work too. 
*above two images from open concepts


About a year and half ago I went to Durban, South Africa for about 5 weeks. I was told that everyone in the world was ahead of the U.S. in fashion… now I found out it was true. Ladies there were sporting the bright colors, fun tights, and gorgeous flowing maxi dresses that women here have just started to wear.

By the time it gets here, of course even more fun and outrageous trends are already into play abroad. So I don’t know if we’ll ever catch up with other parts of the world, but I guess we are stuck in our own timid little bubble of fashion here. (I.e. if you think fashion here is super trendy, it’s not–at least in comparison to euro fashion). 

All that aside, even though I never thought they would, maxi dresses have hit the mainstream market here–and hit it hard. Although maxi’s were introduced on the runway a few years ago, they are just now entering the ready-to-wear American mall market. Long chiffon, cotton, or jersey dresses are taking summer by storm and making look women look super elegant even on a normal day.

The reason I thought they would never become popular here is because of the difference in lifestyle. South Africa is a much warmer climate overall as compared to the U.S., not to mention major cities (as well as many smaller cities) are surrounded by beautiful beaches. But somehow, designers and followers alike have managed to make the dresses look stylish as well as suitable.

So is the look for you? Every time I shop with my girls and look at a maxi, one of the girls says “oh I can’t wear that.” I disagree. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t make you look short, stumpy, and wide. They are not only meant for the 5’7 and above. Anyone can wear them, it’s just a matter of finding the right dress for the right body type, and I actually think the dresses create an illusion of elongation. 

*image from socialitebeauty

*image from ilovelookinggood

If you’ve worn an evening gown once in your life (prom anyone?), you can definitely sport a much more casual version of it on a daily (fine weekly) basis. Trust me, do the maxi and you’ll go from shabby to chic in seconds. Not to mention how much time you’ll save. Throw one of those dresses and some cute sandals on and you already have a super cute outfit on.

Some more cute dresses from runway, celeb, and ready to wear styles:

*designer TIBI maxi dress

*Fergie accessorized this Etro spring fashion maxi dress, and rocked its elegance

*Maxi dress from Diane von Furstenberg‘s spring collection

*image from Banana Republic

Ladies time to rifle through those boxes: it’s like Christmas in July, except you’re buying yourself gifts! So hit the mall if you want the good stuff for cheap. And it’s not just winter stuff on sale, you can find tanks, going out tops, jeans, under garments, and beauty products.

*photo credit

Victoria’s Secret has their semi-annual sale going on right now. They set out the bins in the store according to bra and panty sizes, so ladies get to it! Hint: If you wait a few extra weeks, the prices get marked down even more and they move the boxes to the back. You might just have to do a little extra looking to find the sizes you need, but be careful–all the good stuff may be gone if you wait too long. If you don’t want to trek to the mall, the Vicky’s sale carries onto the website as well. And it’s great because you can actually go online and search for your perfect size in everything from sleepwear to bras to swimwear to beauty products. If you’re still looking for cute summer swim suits, definitely go to the website or even the store carries swim wear now.

*photo credit from

Bath & Body Works does the same thing as Vicky’s–only just with lotions and soaps. Time to re-furnish your soaps and lotion cabinets, hey in this economy, it’s all about saving. This way you’re helping out the economy and yourself!

Another great store that has huge sales is Express. The men’s and women’s clothing store set’s out up to 70% off boxes every time this year for customers to go through. But don’t get your head stuck in the bin for too long–there is usually racks of jeans, dresses, tops, skirts, etc all over the store. Accessories, bags, and sandals are also marked off. Ok, now I sound like an advertisement… But once again, if you don’t want to deal with mall crowds and chaos, hit the store up online.

It make’s for good retail therapy–right from your bed!