Kris Alcantara is the author of Married to Chocolate. Untied’s dessert blog is a byproduct of her obsession with all things sweet (with a particular affinity to chocolate), and her way of re-living those glorious days when she ate for a living as an editor in a food magazine and a food blogger for in Manila, Philippines. Kris has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and is a few weeks away from getting her MA in journalism at Syracuse University. Soon, she hopes to move to NYC where she can continue her quest for the best red velvet cupcakes on this side of the world. So far Big Booty Bread Co in Chelsea tops her list.

Sarah Haase chronicles her adventures in the Wilderness in Survivor Woman

Anuya Jakatdar is a contributing author to In the News. She is an Indian Goddess who causes rainbows to sprout from the ground when she steps on it… or so she’d like to believe. In reality, she is dangerously close to being a delusional elf, though a well-educated one – she is currently working on her Master’s degree at the S.I.Newhouse School of Public Communications in Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism. She has worked as the editor of two youth magazines in Mumbai, India and is well on her way to becoming a celebrity expert, starting with In the News for Untied. Read it and be enlightened.

Josh Kruk writes about music for Movin’ On, aimed at recommending new and old music for Untied readers. Josh hails from Buffalo, NY and did undergrad work at SUNY Geneseo in Communications. He is currently working on is MA in Journalism at Syracuse University. Josh’s musical interests tend to fall more in the heavy metal genre but the blog has opened new doors. He is ok with the fact that having Bjork in his iTunes might get him made fun of in some circles

Skylaur Morris writes the Health Blog. Fitness and taking care of the body are his main goals in life. Sky love to share all the things about fitness that he’s learned through the years and also finding new ways to keep me motivated to stay on top of his health. He want to help people to realize how important our health is to us…taking care of our bodies is key. Sky’s background has included fitness advising, personal training, exercise physiology research assistant, coaching, and various sports. He ha decided to get my master’s degree in journalism at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications because it will help with reporting and writing on health and fitness.

Katie Nowak, puts her pop culture expertise to use in Loose Ends, writing about divorce and other women’s issues in movies and TV. An avid entertainment consumer since her days spent singing Beatles songs in kindergarten, Katie hails from Rochester, NY, and is currently completing her master’s in journalism at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. She interned at Bentley-Hall, Inc., a Syracuse publishing company that produces two music magazines, Making Music and International Musician, and now freelances there. Katie also serves as the Renew editor for Untied.

Ashley Schofield chronicles her mental relaxation adventures in Silencing Shlee’s Chatter. She loves the Internet. As the Online Director of Untied magazine, she has a lot on her mind. So much information passes through her head, and she feels like it never stops. She’s embarking on a journey for mental clarity through yoga. Follow her journey, see what experts say about it, and perhaps clear your own head.

Danya Shaikh gives all the tips needed in Beauty and Fashion. She is currently a masters student at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Her B.A. was from Saint Louis University in English Literature. She is from Memphis, TN but has lived all over the world. Danya has interned with the Saint Louis Writers Guild as a historical archivist, working on projects on the SLWG website. She also works as Graphic Design Instructional Assistant at Newhouse, assisting students with their projects on Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Danya was also the art director for 360 degrees, a cultural magazine that is a student publication at Syracuse University. She now works as the Web Art Director for Untied, and the Fashion editor for the print side of Untied magazine.

Amy Su is one of two contributors to In the News.  She is originally from Taiwan, and worked for TVBS Weekly, a popular celebrity magazine in Taiwan. To learn more in professional journalism, she came to America for her master’s degree. She currently studies in S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and works as a multimedia producer for the website of Untied magazine.

SJ Velasquez practices the art of positive thinking in Essence of Essjay. S.J. is a traveler and a wanderer. She likes meeting new people and always made her parents nervous when she talked to strangers. Now a journalist, S.J. gets to put that to good use by chatting with strangers all over the place. She majored in religious studies and communication studies as an undergrad at Canisius College and she studied abroad in London and El Salvador. Through the Canisius College Video Institute, she produced a documentary on Christian Pentecostal movements in Central America. Video production was fun, but S.J.’s first love is print journalism. She’s currently a journalism master’s student at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School and is a contributing writer to The Post-Standard, Syracuse’s daily newspaper.

Nina Wegner compiles sex and psychology knowledge in Sex and Psyche. She is an enthusiastic, long-time advocate of sexual well-being. As the daughter of hippie parents, a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, and a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, love and liberation have been two constant threads in her life. Now, with Sex and Psyche, she combines the two in a blog devoted to liberating love. Nina has a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and has worked as a music reviewer, a bookseller, an editor, a waitress, and a barista, among other things.