Some more fashion rules that should NEVER be broken:

Do NOT wear:

1. Clear bra straps

2. Shoes or sandals with velcro. Sick. (Unless you’re hiking through the Amazon jungle)

3. Platform flip flops or flip flops with heels.

4. Bad breath and chewing gum are not accessories, so down a few tic tacs and be done with it. Don’t chew gum on stage, the red carpet, T.V., at a professional meeting, etc.

5. Blue tooth accessories. I mean at least take it out if you’re not on it, there is no reason to keep it on all day when no one is calling you… you’re not that important.

6. Multiple visible tattoos. We know love your momma, but you don’t have to flaunt it.

7. Clip on sunglasses to your actual glasses. Please don’t, I don’t know who told you that was cool because it never was.

8. Visible panty lines. Ladies, let me introduce you a wonderful invention called the thong. Thong, meet the ladies.

9. Just be careful with undergarments in general. If you’re cups runneth small, get a new bra–double boobs are by no means attractive. If you can see the color of your undies or bras through your clothing, invest in nude colored garments.

10. Clothing that is too tight. When you look like you’re shopping at Baby Gap, it’s not OK.

11. Clothes for the wrong season, if it’s winter wear a coat. If it’s summer don’t.

12. Too many colors, fabrics, or patterns. No one wants to stare at a bad case of wardrobe vomit.

13. Mullets. Come on people it’s over, just get a new cut–you’ll feel much better when you step into this century, I promise.

14. Too much make up. And don’t be one of those ladies who has to run to the powder room every hour to re-apply.

15. Jelly sandals. Ew.