OK, I’m not saying to go caffeine crazy and drink a bunch of coffee, tea, or soft drinks. I’m also not saying down a bunch of caffeine pills, but a little bit of caffeine every now and then is actually quite useful, especially if you are going for a workout.

The only problem is that if you are a big caffeine person, then the response will be less effective versus someone who just drinks it once in a while. Once the caffeine is in the body, it’s absorbed by the GI tract and rises in the blood at 15 minutes and then peaks at 60 minutes.

This can be very helpful for creating tension during the workout and also stimulating the central nervous system by increasing alertness and decreasing drowsiness. Who knew caffeine could do all of this inside of the body?

(courtesy of google images)

An example of caffeine at it’s best would be taking it before a prolonged exercise like running because it can raise glucose levels and use fatty acid as the fuel for getting the exercise completed.

– Skylaur Morris