Divorce isn’t limited to people; TV shows are just as susceptible to broken bonds, heartbreak, and confusion. Take the recent example of Project Runway, the addictive fashion competition show that got caught up in a nasty custody battle between its producers and its past and present network homes, Bravo and Lifetime.

The trio dragged the show into an ugly legal brawl when PR changed allegiances and changed scenery — both channel and city — for its sixth season. After Lifetime completed the coup of the century (and suddenly had the opportunity to change their image from Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? cheese factory to fashionista central), their celebration didn’t last long.

NBC Universal, parent company to Bravo, hit both Lifetime and PR stakeholders, the Weinstein Co. with lawsuits. Lifetime countersued, and before you could say “auf wiedersehen,” the show was in legal limbo. Season six production wrapped with a decidedly downbeat blind showing at February’s New York Fashion Week, and virtually nothing is known about this season’s contestants. As Entertainment Weekly reported, this could have been PR‘s lost season, never to see the light of day.

Thankfully, after nearly a year of trading barbs and lawsuits, all three parties calmed down and settled their differences, and — FINALLY — Project Runway‘s Lifetime debut is slated for August 20. Only time will tell if this traumatic split will have any lasting effects on the show’s quality. But given PR‘s insane popularity and its ability to weather such a brutal storm, I have a feeling they’ll make it work.

–katie nowak