Menstruation isn’t usually a topic I seek out at the bookstore…but for some reason, when health advice is written out in pseudo-astrological terms, I’m all about it.

You know that mysterious week or so every month when you look in the mirror and instead of thinking, “Eww,” you think, “Hell yeah”? That’s what this book, The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle…At Any Age, by Rebecca Booth, MD, ob/gyn, is about. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m thinkin’ I oughtta.

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According to Dr. Booth, the Venus Week is “a cache of days, which happens around the same time each month [and is] the convergence of a woman’s mind, body, and sexuality. When women learn to lean into this tremendously powerful energy, suddenly their hormones become their greatest ally—instead of their biggest foe.”

I’ve always noticed those few fleeting days when my skin glows, acne fades, my hair feels shinier, my body feels agile, and I’m just generally at peace with the world, but I’ve never really understood what’s going on. I just chalk it up to fluke good hair days or give all the credit to some new skin product I’m using.

No, Dr. Booth says. That attractive glow and happy feeling comes from within you. And the book gives tips on how to harness that sparkle as well as to prolong it into your “waning” or “Minerva” days (also known as your “everything sucks and I hate my hair” days.)

None of the diet, exercise, and beauty advice the book offers sound revelatory, however, critics say that the tips are simple, pointed, and easy to carry out.

The monthly cycle has always gotten a bad rap — PMS horror myths, the way men wrinkle their nose at the word “tampon,” cramps, the myriad crass slang words for your period, all of that. It’s nice to have an authoritative resource that highlights the positives of a woman’s cycle.

Check out this book review from the Washington Post. And, for the technologically inclined, you can now get the book on Kindle.

– Ms. Feelgood