Since I mentioned in an earlier post that hair can be the number one accessory to an outfit, why not talk about an accessory to an accessory? Bangs baby bangs.

Bangs are a great way to add some spice to your do, but discretion is advised: they are not meant for everyone. And ladies, do not try this at home–always ask your stylist before you make the cut!

Four finger test: So here’s a little test that I like to recommend to friends considering embarking upon the bang boat. It’s called the 3-4 finger test. Take your four fingers and place them between your eyebrows and hair line. If they fit comfortably (or if there is room left over), then bangs it is. If not, try three fingers and depending on your face shape, you can bang it up too.

Here are some examples of celebs who did bangs all right–or all wrong. Let’s make sure you show up on the good list and not the bad!

Not to bang! Some may think Rachel is rocks her new bangs… but I disagree.

Bang baby bang. Jessica Alba look great with the sexy side bang.

Not bang-able                                    Bang-able

Totally bang-able. Reese Witherspoon = epitome of perfect bangs

Audrina Patridge looks much better without the bangs! She should not have even gone down that path… Although her middle part is a bit awkward. Maybe we’re just too used to seeing her with the messy hair look.

Love her. Fringe-a-licious.
(note, when I say “not to bang”, “bang”, or “bang-able”–I am speaking only of hairstyles)
*image from google images