Help wanted.

But this isn’t a sign in some dingy diner window. It’s a call for submissions from the venerable New York Magazine.

The Daily Intelligencer (known as the Daily Intel), the hourly news blog at NY Mag, is looking for more writers for their popular and permanent fixture, the Sex Diaries.

The Sex Diaries are a weeklong diary of the sex lives of anonymous New Yorkers. For seven days, we get to peek into the sexual exploits, conquests, disasters, and routines — or utter lack thereof — of neighbors, friends, and everyday citizens.

“Once a week, Daily Intel looks behind doors left slightly ajar” is the feature’s cheeky tagline.

Courtesy of Empire Online

This could be you, sans heinous sweater. (Courtesy of Empire Online)

Sometimes boring, sometimes fascinating, always a good way to waste 15 minutes, Sex Diaries is Jane Doe and John Shmoe’s chance to be Carrie Bradshaw. Here are some of my favorites: The PostGrad TV Assistant Living with Boyfriend and Morose Married Musician.

Diversity is the new black, so they’re looking for people to contribute more than your run-of-the-mill, coupled-or-married, vanilla sex life: “We get very few entries from people over the age of 45, a sad lack of dominatrices, almost no bisexuals, and there’s a complete dearth of actual prostitutes,” the Daily Intel complains.

Let freedom and diversity reign from Brooklyn to the Adirondacks, Albany to Buffalo. If you don’t consider your sex life par for the course, and you aren’t abashed to write about it (a fantasy sexual relationship with your hot mailman, a very real relationship with your vibrator, whatever the case may be), email

Maybe your co-worker or sister-in-law is a sex diarist and you didn’t even know it! And hey, what’s stopping you from being a sex diarist too?

– Ms. Feelgood