Though spam and pop-up ads can be incessantly annoying, sometimes they’re great fodder for entertainment. I have a friend who recently got “divorced” on Facebook, and was inundated with ads for birth control and carpe diem travel.

The latest example comes from another friend’s Gmail account, where this morning he was invited to dump all his problems on some guy named Steven. is a hilarious, tongue-in-cheek site
that aims to take the blame for all your troubles, big or small. The war in Iraq, a cheating spouse, “it’s hot outside” — all have been shoved on Steven, and he’s gladly shouldered the burden. He writes:

You can blame your mother for the way you turned out. You can blame the government for your current situation. Or you can blame your boss for your shitty job. The problem is that hardly anyone accepts the blame. Especially your mother or the President of the United States.

Steven wants to change all that. “Feel free to blame me for anything you want or let me know your thoughts,” he writes. “Then get over it and move on.” Looking to let off some steam after your messy divorce? Want to unleash your frustration over your deadbeat ex? The site’s forum and personalized Certificates of Acceptance of Blame are there to help.

Though his touted goal of bettering humanity may not be entirely serious, and the site itself most certainly frivolous, gave me a good laugh, and it may just cure your blues, too.

–katie nowak