So I’ve never really been a fan of lipstick–for myself. But the shades this season are begging me to change my mind.

It’s not really the colors that pushed me away, but it was more that waxy coated feel that I disliked. However, now cosmetic brands have so many different ways to stain your lips, I can avoid the wax attack all together.

Some shades that I adore and I think are really in this season are baby pinks and corals. It’s those soft bright colors that are summer savvy, and they are just to die for on. So get ready for the perfect pout, because the ultimate rule of being a diva is to never leave the house without your lipcolor.

The winning lip gloss is: NARS Lip Gloss

Not only are these shades full of popping pigments and fun sparkles, but they will add some serious drama with their sheer, semi-sheer, and creamy formulas. Pucker up baby, because if their names don’t catch your eye–the versatile colored glosses definitely will.

My summer NARS color picks:
Frisky Summer
Pillow talk

The winning lipstick is: MAC Lipstick

This is the stick that put MAC on the map. Since MAC’s cosmetics are designed for the runway, studio, or stage make up, you know you’re getting some high quality long-lasting stuff. I vote for MAC, not only because of the quality, but because of the variety of shades. Oh you know just a whopping 142 shades… and that’s not even counting the special editions, the slimshine lipstick, or the longwear lipcolour.

My MAC summer color picks:

^             ^
Vegas Volt Lickable (third and fourth from the right, the pink and coral shade).

The winning lipstick/lipgloss combo: Bobbi Brown Cream Lipcolor

My gold star goes to this two-in-one trick because I actually don’t get that waxy feel when I wear it, and it technically is a type of lipstick. Not to mention it looks beautiful on. This BB creation is a lip gloss, lipstick, and lip plumper all in one. Finally ladies, we can be lazy and fabulous at the same time.

Pink Ballet in the top left.