Today’s divorce trend:

Japanese men really need to rethink their attitude…

Traditionally, Japanese wives treat their husbands too well that they act as servants in the house. Usually most of them will live better lives after their husbands retire because they finally can stop treating their husbands like emperors. But by then they are old and have done so much for most of their lives.

Now, it seems the perfect wives get tired quicker. The news reported Japanese women are more optimistic than men about the life after divorce. The survey showed that Japanese women of all ages think no matter when they get divorced, they can start a beautiful new life. They also said one of the advantages of divorce is the increase of time for themselves.

The survey also showed that most of Japanese men can’t think of anything good about divorce. We don’t doubt why they feel like this. After all, if you can have a free servant to serve you for dozens of years, who will give up this “welfare?”

So be careful, guys! Don’t take anything for granted if you don’t want to lose your marriage.

–Amy Su