Today, we learn a social networking principle:

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Never add your ex as a Facebook friend!

Time magazine reported an angry woman’s revenge story. Her husband wanted a divorce, so she wrote on his Facebook wall, embarrassing him by making the divorce public to her husband’s Facebook friends. Even after he asked her to stop, she continued. After he blocked her, she started to use their mutual friends’ account to enter in his page.

In this case, it might be just emotional annoyance but it seems the divorce lawyers start to pay attention to the rival’s Facebook page. When you feel safe to express your true feelings on your Facebook wall, you might get into big trouble! Your every little action on it might become huge evidence in court, especially when you’re fighting for money or custody.

So, Time magazine posted a reminder to make divorced couples know what to avoid doing on Facebook. This includes no venting, no getting tagged, no showing off, etc, simply do what we do every day on it.

My suggestion: Just close your Facebook account directly! I mean it!

–Amy Su