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So you want to bring a pal with you to do yoga? And your best bud is your four legged canine?

No problem. Suit the little pupsy up in yoga pants, grab the leash, and head to yoga.

All are welcome at yoga — even dogs.

You aren’t alone if you want to do yoga with your Jack Russell terrier around your neck — trust me, I thought you would have been, but after I read this NYT article I realized going to practice with your dog is more popular than you would think. It’s a new trend.

It’s called doga, ladies, and it’s stretching and massaging for your dog — and you. says you can actually learn from your dogs. Doga DVDs have already hit the stands (and Internet) — you and your pup don’t even have to leave the house. Books are also available if you want to read up and do a little DIY doga.

Classes at the East Yoga studio in NYC are about 45 minutes long, so it’s a typical class time.

It’s different way to exercise with your dog, other than a walk in the park. The doga practice is offered outdoors at some studios if you want to keep quality time with your canine outside — dodo bags are still needed though.

So while you become a yogi, your pooch can become a dogi — the two you of you mastering relaxation poses and achieving a higher mental state.

Don’t have a dog, but love cats? Yoga with kitties exists too, and it’s purrrrrr-fect.

Yoga high: 0