Yesterday, San Francisco Chronicle reported that another celebrity marriage sank like the Titanic. In this case, Barry Bonds is the ship.


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This year has definitely not been Bonds’ year. No MLB contract signed for him to play in the field again and nobody has forgetten the rumors about him taking banned drugs. And now his wife, Liz Watson, has filed for official separation, meaning their 10-year marriage is nearing its end.

This is Bonds’ second marriage. The couple got together after his first divorce in 1994 (coincidence?), and got married in 1998. According to a People magazine interview in 2007, the former Giants slugger touted the strength of his marriage after the indictment that he lied to a federal grand jury investigating steroid use.

“She has to know your entire resume,” said Bonds. “We both know each other’s flaws and are committed.”

Apparently, she still knows too much.

It took six years for the court to rule in Bonds’ favor over a prenuptial agreement that denied his first wife Susann (Sun) Branco to share his fortune.

How long would it take this time? We don’t know yet. But what we can be sure of is Bonds isn’t like Mel Gibson, who said “who would do it twice?”

–Amy Su