I’ve spent some time talking to Melody Surace, a pleasure party consultant based in Utica, New York, for a feature story I’m writing for Untied. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Melody, it’s that a clitoris is a woman’s best friend.

Courtesy of Pure Romance

This clitoral vibrator from Pure Romance is waterproof.

Being a long time fan of the clitoris myself, I would have to concur. But I’ve realized from talking to Melody that I haven’t been as generous to my own button o’ pleasure as I could be. If it’s a woman’s best friend, a woman should treat it like one — buy it gifts on its birthday, chat with it, give it the attention it deserves. (Well, chatting with your clitoris might make you feel more crazy than generous…)

But buying your clitoris a present is not at all a bad idea and it could lead you to more body-and-mind bliss than you know.

“Every woman in America should have at least one clitoral bullet,” Melody told me.

Courtesy of Pure Romance

The Vibro Pod from Pure Romance plugs into your iPod and vibrates along with the beat of the song playing. God bless technology!

Well, perhaps, I thought, but why would I want anything called or resembling a “bullet” close to my ladies’ region? It sounds like a weapon, it sounds scary, and my clitoris is a lover, not a fighter.

After an edifying session of perusing the product pages at Pure Romance, a sex toy company, I found several clitoral bullets and realized that there’s nothing harmful or scary about them. It’s just a little bullet-shaped vibrator that gives you that satisfying stimulation that your clitoris adores.

Many bullets, or clitoral vibrators, come in different colors and with different functions or specialties. Some have multiple speeds, while others are waterproof, and still others can sync up its vibrations to the music you’re listening to! Wow, they think of it all.

Most bullets run from $15.00 to $40.00. It’s a discreet little toy that runs on batteries — no electrical outlet needed. What better birthday gift for woman’s best friend?

– Ms. Feelgood