Something that I absolutely love in the fashion world are headbands. They can get so trendy or stay simple and still look good. Unfortunately I happen to have the most sensitive head and can’t seem to take the pressure that comes with wearing a headband for too long. So when I find that perfect fitted band, I’ll wear it to death. Not to say I don’t wear those beautiful ornamented headbands just because they give me terrible headaches, beauty is pain ladies–we all know that by now.

So let’s look at some gorgeous head gear that will make any outfit stylin. And don’t be afraid to add some of these crazy accessories to your head–you’ll get so many compliments from other ladies who wish they would have tried it first.

I love how this double headband has that summery pretty feel. It’s almost got that crocheted home-made touch.
(Tasha Circle Headband, Nordstrom)

This super cool faux zipper headband will make any simple outfit not so simple anymore.
(Marc by Marc Jacobs, $98)

I love this one. It will look good on any hair color, and it just screams greek goddess!
(Tasha Serpentine Metal Headband, $42)

This tortoise shell style headband will look good with any outfit–it is versatile enough to accent and compliment prints, solids, or stripes.
(France Luxe Skinny Headband, $20)

This stunning Victorian antique crystal headband is perfect for a night out or a special occasion. It’s pricey, but it will make a statement.
(Jennifer Behr, $188)

Vintage ribbon and crystal chain headband can be worn as a circlet or a regular headband.
(Jennifer Beher, $425)

This headwrap has a delicate Victorian style broach that just makes it superbly elegant.
(Jennifer Behr, &182)

I want them all…