Another obsession of mine, pearls. Pearl me up or pearl me down… I’ll be happy as can be.

There is something to be said about the elegance and timeless beauty of pearls. A woman could throw on with a plain V-neck t-shirt and she would be glammed up in seconds. Rock some pearl studs to the gym, and lady you’ll be stylin in your sweats. Point being, that only pearls have the class to beautify almost any outfit–of course some moderation in size is advised. Those fist sized pearls are just a mockery…

Timeless beauty Audrey Hepburn in a stunning pearl necklace.
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If you try adding ‘bling’ to any outfit, too much of that could get tacky… but pearls–never tacky.

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There are so many ways to wear pearls and not over do it. If you have on a simple black dress, you can add multiple strands of pearls to add some fun class to your outfit. If you do many strands though, refrain from adding a bracelet as well. But if you want to do one pearl necklace, you can still accessorize by adding a pearl bracelet and ring. Pearl studs are welcome in any case.

Sarah Jessica Parker accelerated the trend of pearls when her character, Carrie, on Sex and the City adorned a Mikimoto pearl strand throughout much of the show. But Parker seemed to keep up with this trend even when she wasn’t filming. Although in reality, Parker says it’s Carolee’s 72″ endless faux pearl rope that she sports. For the most part, SJP is a pretty great fashion icon, so on this one, let’s follow her.

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