We’ve all seen them. Those commercials with two people talking and one says “oh I wish i could get all these great songs from the 80s on one CD” and the other says “well thanks to TimeLife records you can!” Then you’re subjected to cheese rock like Night Ranger or Winger. Well guess what? There is one of those for Divorced Women. In 1994 Warner Nashville released the compilation disc “Divorce Songs for Her” and after one listen its obvious why no one put up the money to back a commercial.

disc cover

The disc is all honky tonk and country songs with a “you’re gone and i’m better off for it” slant. The artists are mostly b lists and fill ins, although Holly Dunn, who’s featured twice on the disc, did have minor hits. With song titles such as “Younger Men” and “You Cant Have A Good Time Without Me”, its obvious that this disc will be as subtle as Hank Williams after a bottle of whiskey.

But then maybe that’s why it works. If you’re truly going through a painful ordeal, is layered music and open to interpretation lyrics really what you want? No. This disc works if you get together with your friends, open a bottle and let the world release its grip from your throat, if only for one night. If you’re not looking to think too hard, then “Divorce Songs for Her” just may be for you.

–Josh Kruk