Any kind of physical activity can be affected by sweat-induced loss of body water, which can cause dehydration.  If you’re losing 1% to 2% of body weight, your exercise performance will be slightly off.

It’s a whole new story when it comes to losing more than 3% of body weight, trust me, you’ll know the feeling.  Do you remember working out and then feeling light headed? How about dizzy? Nausea?, and then all of a sudden, puking.

All of this happens for a reason.  Your body is saying “I need more replenishing before I sweat out all of my fluid supply.”

A strenuous work out or even a medium workout requires the right preparation, which involves making sure you have enough body water to sweat off, before you get your sweat on.  Monitoring drinking while exercise is key, because if you ingest too much, the fluid will just sit and cause nausea. Drinking plenty of water and Gatorade is a sure way to keep hydrated, but this must be done days before working out, not only on days of exercise.

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A good way to check your hydration level would be to look at your urine.  If the urine is dark yellow or any dark color, then you are not getting enough of the right fluid replenishments. Now, if the urine color is clear or light yellowish, keep up the good work, because you are definitely staying hydrated.

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Let’s not forget to rehydrate after exercise.  Try to drink enough fluids to equal 150% of the weight loss from sweat.

– Skylaur Morris