Do not wear: 

1. Fanny packs

2. Red eyeshadow (unless you’re on the runway–stage make up doesn’t count)… do you really want to look like you have bloody eyes?

3. Too many colors or layers at once, there is a way to work these things to make it stylish–but too much is… too much. Don’t try it if you’re doubtful of how you may look. 

4. Fishnet stockings on daily basis. 

5. Tennis shoes with dressy shirts/outfits (ladies and gents)

6. MC hammer pants. I don’t know about those…just because they are on the clothing racks doesn’t mean they work for everyone. I would actually say they only look good on the runway, and let’s face it–most people don’t wear what’s on the runway. I don’t think they’ll be in for long, remember gauchos? It’s like those all over again (bad deja vu).

7. Leg warmers in the summer… or at all. 

(to be continued, again…)