Hair is one of the biggest, best, most stylish accessories to add to your outfit. You could be in an extremely simple outfit and have you hair look fabulous and that’s all you need.

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A great look, classic for the summer, is the messy wavy look. If your hair doesn’t have natural waves that you can play up (or down), try adding some volumizing mousse and blow dry with diffuser accessory. Just don’t add too much mousse, or you’ll get those crispy waves. If your hair is already curly–but too curly–just add some straightening cream and blow dry your curls out.

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Another style you can add is a dainty braid weaved into your hair (if you can’t do that try some twists instead). Just take a small piece of hair from one side of your part and either braid, or french braid to make a faux headband.

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If you want to go drastic and get a cute hair cut, try a cute bob with straight across bangs (but first ask your hairdresser is the right look for you!). Or if you want to be ultra trendy, try the asymmetrical bob–you’ll look extra chic!












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