So I was surfing the net yesterday and I was really intrigued by canvas magazine‘s posts, issues, and well … pretty much everything else on the site. There were so many fun and unique designs and products to look at. Among the most interesting were these pieces of jewelry… 

When I saw this necklace first I wasn’t sure if I should be creeped out or if I should admire it. In the end I decided, I think it’s interesting–but in a good way. I think it’s sassy and kind of sexy. Like you’re winking at some cute guy with a coy look on your face… If this necklace was worn with a pretty white collared blouse, a black pencil skirt, and a fun pop of shoes (bright purple, red, pink, blue, or a crazy print–go wild ladies!)–I think you would have a rather fashionable and winning outfit.

*This one gets my gold star of the week, maybe I’ll even make the purchase. 


These earrings I’m not so sure about. They kind of look like they have mini rabbit tails hanging off them. Curious, but maybe not so much in a good way. 


Now, with this necklace, I think it would have to be worn well to avoid that getting the “wow that lady is really weird” look. Just like the eyelash necklace, wearing business casual clothing to contrast the playfulness of the necklace  would probably be the best bet. I could see a cream silk or cotton blouse, a chic navy pleated or A-line skirt, with some crocodile or snake skin pumps.  Add some gold bangles and pearl studs and ladies, you’ll be tres chic! 

*above three images from, jewelry by Stephanie Simek


This ring and bracelet design is a something different, fun, and feminine to add to any outfit. It’s subtle, but still has a punch. I like. 

This one almost beat the eyelash necklace for my favorite pick of the week. It’s kind of like the opposite of an engagement ring. The diamond is there, but it’s more personal and private. So ladies if you still want to keep your rock post divorce, maybe use the diamond and have it made into this little contraption of a ring. If you want to nix the text on the top of the ring, that could work too. 
*above two images from open concepts