Today, we learn:

1)   Having divorced parents doesn’t make you weird. But naming your elbows? Yeah, we don’t know about that…

2)   Ten things about divorce that married women will either appreciate, or roll their eyes at.

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You’re weird son, just like everyone else…

Billy Cochran’s book about a child of divorce named Ted called My Parents Are Divorced, My Elbows Have Nicknames, and Other Facts About Me may be exactly what we need to take a positive spin on the concept. I mean sure, Ted names his elbows Clyde and Carl. Sure, he occasionally likes to squawk like a chicken on the phone (something I may have done one or two or 13 times when I was a wee child of um, 21. *whistles*) Sure, he likes to wander around with soap in his head. But he is still just a boy, and someone most children with divorced parents can identify with. So, buy this one for your kids, and let them know that they are loved, while you sob into a handkerchief because you are so overcome with emotion.

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Five things I know about divorce

Forbes has a list of five things every married woman should know about divorce. But since we’re Untied, and we have our own way of doing things, I have a list of five things too. See which one works better for you (PICK ME! PICK ME!)

  1. Divorce in the English language comes from the Latin word “divertere” which technically, TECHNICALLY means to “leave your husband”.  Ha. Not leave your “wife,” your “husband.” Let me do this right again. HA!
  2. In other languages, divorce goes by the pseudonym of “talaq,” “divorcio,” and “Scheidung.” Dung, is right!
  3. Don’t hire a divorce lawyer. Save that money, go to the Middle-East, and then do what the Middle-Eastern people do – buy an island!
  4. Untied is the best magazine for divorced women. WORD!
  5. All of the sentences here end in exclamation marks. Except this one… Not!

Okay, so those may not be the most useful, but at least they are fun. For real benefits, you may want to hit the Forbes list (and the rest of the Untied website, there’s tons of good tips to be followed.)