Today, let us explore our potential to be an expert of celebrity divorce gossip. Thousands of websites create different quizzes in celebrity trivia. Many of them are fun, and some of them are absolutely not easy. Do the following three quizzes, and see if you’re the genuine celebrity divorce gossip professional!

1. Hollywood Divorce Quiz

This is definitely the threshold to test your level of gossiping celebrity’s divorce. 15 questions, from easy to difficult, made by and full of latest news you already know. But be careful of the key figures like: how long had the marriage lasted, how much had she got from divorce, and how many times they divorced.

2. Celebrity Breakup Quiz

Compared to Hollywood Divorce quiz, this one is really difficult. Made by iVillage, it has more questions covering couples from so long ago, like Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Also, it’s more than just a quiz. After each question, the website would show you the right answer and the description of that trivia. No matter what, to prove you know more than others, try to do some research before you do this one!

3. Celebrity Couples Quiz

Remember, to become an expert of celebrity divorce trivia, you also need to get familiar with their former marriage and lives. Let’s why you should also master in this celebrity couples quiz. Made by Parade magazine, this one is the hardest of my three recommended quizzes. It’s not all about celebrity’s divorce, but also including their marriage trivia, although most of them finally divorced.

After finishing these quizzes and getting high scores, you can say you’re an expert in this field. What we finally learn: in this era, it’s not weird to be any kind of professional! So be proud to be a master in celebrity divorce gossip.

–Amy Su