My colleague Dan Cailler has some more hard-hitting analysis over at (ed. note: site will be launched at the end of June), but I want to throw in my two cents on the topic of divorce movies.

When I was younger, I loved Jim Carrey, and my favorite film of his was Liar Liar. (Today that distinction goes to either The Truman Show or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but I digress.)

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Liar Liar centers around high-powered attorney Fletcher Reede (Carrey), who skates by in life by lying, most notably to his young son, Max (Justin Cooper — whatever happened to that kid?). When Fletcher lets Max down one too many times — on the kid’s birthday, no less — Max wishes that for one day, his dad could tell the truth.

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While not the film’s main focus, the addition of divorce into the plotline — Fletcher and Audrey, Max’s mom (the always-great Maura Tierney), have split and she wants to move away with Max; Fletcher’s big, must-win case is a custody battle — makes the movie more relatable.

The ending is a bit tidier than real life (Fletcher and Audrey get back together), and it’s unlikely that anyone’s birthday wish could magically transform their father from lying lawyer to Honest Abe. But the film is light-hearted escapism at its finest. Plus it features The Claw. Can’t beat that.