Walls of Jericho's Candice Kuroscain

Candice Kuroscain (above) clearly knows a thing or two about using music as a release. She fronts the metal band Walls of Jericho and provides a good segue into today’s blog topic.

I thought today I’d break away from the music recommendation format and talk about the basic motivation for this blog. Yes it’s one week in, but better late than never.

Music can be therapeutic experience for any situation, but there is evidence out there suggesting it can help women through a divorce. The albums I have recommended in the past week are meant to help you take the next step (hence the blog title of Movin’ On) while also reflecting on the past, plus it might just be music you’ve never heard before.

Relationship counselor and accredited author Abhishek Agarwal calls music “the elixir of life.” He says that people going through divorce often use music as a means of comfort. He says:

Knowing that you must move on and looking to the future with a positive attitude, you can indulge in good music which will soothe and comfort you and help you to move forward. The past is over and you need to make a break, however hard it may be and look towards the future with a song in your heart, knowing that it is the attitude that you adopt and the inclination that goes towards rebuilding your life and looking towards a bright future.

You can read more from Agarwal and even download his free Ebook here.

Ehow.com lists their 7 strategies for divorce survival and they too recommend music that helps you deal with your emotions. It’s also mood specific. So if you’re feeling low, PJ Harvey might work, but if you’re feeling empowered then maybe you go Fleetwood Mac. Its all about you, but if you’re feeling lost on therapy music then Untied Magazine’s music blog is here for you.

-Josh Kruk

(images courtesy of Deviant Art)