Today, we learn two ways to make money by divorce. Let’s take look at these interesting deals.

1. Be a detective yourself and find the proof

A woman in Taiwan earned a luxurious house by wiretapping her husband’s calls with his girlfriend.

After her husband told her to shut up about his affairs because she didn’t have proof, she decided to buy some listening devices to save her dignity. Three days later, she found got her evidence. Finally, she made the unfaithful man her ex-husband and got one of his houses as compensation.

The wife feels great about her “investment” in listening devices. When your marriage is full of desperation, why not doing something to make your pocket full of dollars? Seemed like a good idea to this lady.

2. Be a better actor, please

What should you do when getting a divorce can make your spouse a large amount of money? Nine pilots working for Continental Airlines chose to “just do it!”

Continental Airlines is suing nine pilots and their spouses who got fake divorces to collect the pilots’ pension benefits. It alleged they only got paper-only divorces but still live together. They even didn’t tell their children and friends about the change in their marital status.

According to BusinessWeek, once a state court approved the divorces, the pilots signed court-issued documents giving their new ex-spouses all rights to a pilots-only pension plan, worth up to $900,000 per individual participant.

Now, we’re sure some people love money and are willing to do things to get a legal divorce to earn some fortune. But technically, I bet you guys to be a better actor or actress, especially if you still live together? It’s ridiculous not to play a better show for your money! Or face the truth: you’re just a normal person. Don’t try to rip off the company you work for if you still want to be married!