I just love nail polish. What’s not to love? There’s nothing better to complete your look than a perfect mani-pedi. And not to say you have to do it salon style all the time (reserve the special treatment for once a month or special occasions), but there’s no harm in giving your tips a little extra attention. Nothing makes me feel better than a fresh coat of color and perfectly filed nails.

And since I always find myself drawn toward the racks of nail color at Target, I have to be sale savvy. Although O.P.I. and Essie undoubtedly have the best shades and quality (at least in my book they do), there are some great options to fill your palette. Especially for those colors that come and go so fast you only use the bottle once. Some great substitutes for the more pricey brands include, Revlon Nail Color, N.Y.C. Nail Color, and Rimmel London Polishes. These brands also carry quick dry options while the higher-end names don’t.

Nail color is a huge trend these days, and it’s really all about the contrast. Shades you never thought would fly are all the rage. Blues, greens, purples, yellows, blacks, grays, whites (not just french tips!), and even multi colored nails are in fashion. It’s all about bold and brave hues, so ladies, it’s time to experiment! And if you feel like some colors are too young for you, try something a little more subtle like a lime green french tip instead of the whole nail painted in an outrageous color. But vibrant tones are perfect for the summer, so there’s no harm in trying–you may just become as addicted as I am.

Picture 2

If you’re not the store shopper–I just went exploring on some different sites, and O.P.I. wins again. All their shades are categorized in collections, i.e.: France, India, South Beach, Designer Series, and by colors (blues, greens, purples, pinks, etc). Also, you can actually try each color on your hand by selecting your skin tone and nail length, and then each color can be applied to your tips. Very nifty.

Picture 3

And if you’re super interested in polish trends follow Stephanie and her expertise in nails.

*images from google and http://www.opi.com