Well, my week long adventure has come to a close, and what an adventure it was.

Back to the fast paced, hectic, urban world I call home. Will I miss the forest? I haven’t exactly decided yet.

I brought my iPod with me, because it goes everywhere I go and besides my Blackberry and laptop I needed to feel connected to the urban world.

Going to bed at night sometimes was difficult- I was fighting off bad thoughts of the Blair Witch Project, and what better way to do that than with a little Pat Benatar? But I opted to not turn on the iPod. One chilly night, I reached to get it, when something in me said to just listen to the silence instead. It was a silence I had never experienced before. Completely still! All the animals, creatures and critters that call the forest home were quite. Not even rustling of leaves. Total relaxation-except for the twigs that were digging into my back under the floor of my nylon tent.

I will miss that complete silence only available in the middle of nowhere. I will also miss the “dawn chours.” This is the time of day, early in the morning when all the birds in the forest seem to sing song in honor of the day ahead.

What a great sound to wake up to.

-Sarah Haase