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Today, we learn:

  1. If you ask for a divorce at knifepoint, your husband might say yes, but it might not be heartfelt. Also, you will go to jail.
  2. Being gay is really tough. Yes, I take great joy in stating the obvious.
  3. Katie Price is tweeting about her divorce. Well, if it is on Twitter, if must be true.

Incident#1: Florida woman takes a stab at divorce


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Her name was Tamara, and she was from Tamarac. One day she took a steak knife, held it at her beloved’s throat and tried to put the “till death do us part” line of their wedding vows to full use by threatening to kill him if he didn’t divorce her. There was also an exchange about the deed papers to their house. I imagine it went something like this, “Oh, and honey, sign those deed papers to the house on your way out, will you? Thanks!” Tamara from Tamarac is now in jail, charged with attempted murder after she slashed her husband’s fingers. Somewhere Stephen King is furiously taking notes.

Incident#2: If you’re Married Homosexuals and you know it, get a Divorce

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It is not enough that gay and lesbian marriages in California are now illegal; the ones that have already taken place must be dissolved as well. According to Randy Thomasson, anti-Gay activist, they are “counterfeit marriages” and “it is wrong and unconstitutional” for judges to allow them to exist. An anonymous comment on Edge magazine (where this story originally appeared) says, “I “pray” that all of these jackasses have lots of GAY children.” ‘Nuff said.

Incident#3: The Real Housewife of Malibu

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Celebrities that tweet are a real delight to me, but no one as much as Katie Price a.k.a Jordan. Let my unconditional love for her be documented in the very pages of this blog… I’d write it in blood, but past experiments have led me to believe that blood is hard to html-ise, so let these virtual letters be my testimony. I HEART KATIE PRICE A.K.A JORDAN. Why wouldn’t I? She leaves gems like, “nobody can fool the public an i love that xxxx” and “im still keeping a dignified silence i have made no comments they are made up im heartbroken i never wanted any of this we all miss pete,” on her Twitter page. Her endearing disregard for the rules of grammar and punctuation notwithstanding, is it still a dignified silence if you tweet about it all the time? Something for you to think about today!

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