We all know this Yogi, but are the yogis practicing the art of yoga? (Courtesy of Google images)

We all know this Yogi, but who are the yogis practicing the art of yoga? (Courtesy of Google images)

Sadly, Thursdays are my sans yoga day since the only time I can make it is for the advanced class — and after last week, I didn’t feel like walking out again.

Leaving my mat at home at the beginning of the day didn’t feel right and ending the Untied day with no yoga seemed incomplete. I miss it.

I started to think about the purple and teal walls of the yoga room where we practice, the dark hardwood floors, and the people who fill the room. There’s men and women of all ages and ethnicities.

I wondered who is the typical yogi?

I scanned Google to find out who does yoga. I uncovered a study that found white women around the age of 39.5 to be the average yoga practitioner.

The yoga demographic also was found to be college educated, in good health, and a normal weight. Yoga users in the U.S. reported practicing to relieve muscle problems and strains, asthma, and mental clarity. All reported that regularly doing yoga improved their conditions.

Yogis are most prevalent in the Northeast and Midwest, and generally aren’t above the age of 65 — although with my practice at studios on the West and East coast, I’d beg to differ.

The majority of people who do yoga do not smoke either, but were found to intake — in moderation — alcohol more than non-yoga users.

Guess yogis know the good stuff.

I can’t wait for some happy hour and yoga. TGIF!

Yoga high: 0.