Scrubs has been one of my favorite shows since its debut in 2001. While a highly exaggerated and unlikely coupling, the example set by characters Dr. Perry Cox and Jordan Sullivan is an amusing one for divorcees.

The characters married, fought, cheated, and divorced — then had occasional “angry, shallow sex,” as they dubbed it, in season one. Jordan ended up pregnant and the two got back together, in one of my favorite episodes, season two’s My Fruit Cups.

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Later on in the series, it’s revealed that there was a snafu with their divorce papers — they signed someone else’s — and the two are still legally married. Hilariously, this news started to sour their relationship, and they agreed they’d be more content if they officially divorced. One quick ceremony later (yes, they held a divorce) and the pair were happily ripping each other apart once again.

While characterized by put-downs and an apparent mutual loathing, Dr. Cox and Jordan remained one of the most stable relationships on the show, a nice remedy to the ping-ponging between JD and Elliot. If calling each other out on botched Botox or mercilessly attacking someone’s manhood — yet remaining in a long-term, committed, happy partnership — is something you’re into, then follow the example of this acerbic yet somehow lovable couple.

If anything, it’s sure to be highly entertaining, if highly unrealistic.

–Katie Nowak