What not to wear is sometimes just as important as what to wear… seriously. Actually scratch that, it’s more important. 

Here’s my list (likely to expand on later).

Never wear: 

1. A sweater, jacket, shirt tied around your waste. Just tie it around your shoulders; that will give you a much more elegant and chic look. Sweater around the shoulders gives you a look that says “I’m so stylish and I just threw this look together, thus, born fabulous.”

2. Too much orange. This is a very unnecessary color to over do–so one orange item per outfit. Also, never do orange tights, plastic earrings, and sunglasses (very iffy and hard to pull off, better if you just don’t). *Exception: if you are attending a school event in which the school colors include orange, by all means–orange it out. 

3. Too much sparkle, glitter, or sequins. We’re not seventeen anymore. 

4. Clashing colors. There is such a thing as contrasting colors, which is vastly different from clashing colors. Contrast, good; clashing, bad. Orange and purple don’t go together. Neither do orange and hot pink. Or orange and red, black and blue (some shades work, but again, iffy), and black and brown. 

5. Clothing that shows your under-things, bra straps included.  That’s just not classy. 

6. Dress-down items, with a dress-up outfit. For example, Ugg boots with jeans and a silk top, get some nice boots ladies. Also a bad choice with cute outfits: Crocs. 

7. Pants that are too short for you. That’s just painful to look at, and it’s really not that hard to find pants that fit. 

8. Backless items if your back is too … big. Let’s leave those numbers for the Heidi Klum-esq ladies. 

9. Leggings as pants. Or tights as leggings, there is a difference–tights are transparent! Leggings as pants are not meant for those on the wider scale of things. 

10. Too much jewelry. Memorize this rule: Before you walk out the door–remove one item of ornamentation, and you’ll look much better. 

*disclaimer: not trying to offend anyone, but if you’re violating any of the above rules, you might want to re-evaluate your wardrobe.