So I never thought I could do cream blush, I thought it was too sticky and just too much to mess with. I tried it a few times and ended up with a large streak of pink shimmer painted across my cheek. Not the look I was going for: it was like the female version of what football players smear across their faces… not attractive.  

But then I was taught how to actually use cream blush, and it was almost too easy and too much fun! It’s especially great for those of us with rounder faces because it really accentuates the cheek bones, giving your face a more defined, cut, and trim look. Not to mention sexy! 

So here’s how:

• You just take your finger and rub some cream blush onto it.
• Then take your finger and measure about and inch or an inch and a half away from the outer corner of your eye. 
• Draw a vertically down, then horizontally forward (towards your nose), and then finally connect back to where you started
• That should have made you triangle–all you had to do was connect the dots. The triangle should also fall right on your cheek bones.
• Now just smear the blush until you have beautiful accentuated  cheek bones! 

*For the described look, use darker shades like browns and bronzes. Save the pink for the flush of your cheeks. But don’t do both the pink and the darker shades! Also, Don’t smear it too far onto your actual cheeks–that would be too much. 

Some products to try: 

NARS: The Multiple  $37

Josie Maran: Cream Blush $22

*Product of the week: 
Tarte: Cheek Stain $28