You may not believe in Santa Claus anymore, but how about aphrodisiacs? According to the FDA, sexually stimulating foods and chemicals known as aphrodisiacs are the stuff of legends, to be shelved with Santa Claus, Paul Revere, and El Chupacabra.

An article on the FDA’s website reads, “In 1989, the agency declared that there is no scientific proof that any over-the-counter aphrodisiacs work to treat sexual dysfunction.”

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Oysters have long been considered an aphrodisiac. I consider them delicious.

Despite the government’s official disavowal of ginseng, oysters, rhinoceros horn, and chocolate as sexy foods (throw that in a pot, and you got yourself a stew!), aphrodisiacs enjoy a millennia-long history in folklore and folk medicine. First studied and catalogued by ancient Greek scholars and herbalists like Pliny and Dioscordes, aphrodisiacs still make headlines today.

“So what do foods that make people randy have to do with me, a single woman?” you may ask. Well, my answer is to not sell yourself short. Sexual health and pleasure are for everyone, not just the coupled. Many medical experts say that depriving oneself of sexual stimulation can lead to stress, poor sleep, or depression. There’s no shame in having a romantic night in by yourself. You are still a sensual being—make sure to take the time to nurture that side of you, which will never cease to give you pleasure despite your marital status.

The FDA may be skeptical, but history attests to the healing powers of the aphrodisiac. And some aphrodisiacs can be downright tasty. I mean, do you really need an excuse to treat yourself to a night of champagne and chocolate without having to share it with anyone else? Try it some night—it might have you whistling a tune as you get ready for work the next morning.

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Champagne and chocolate caviar available at, if you’re feeling spendy.

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Bon apetit!