Fun eye liner is a huge craze these days. And its all about the black baby–black, bold, and brave. That cat tailed look is all the rage, just pull it up on the side to add that wing and add some major drama to your eyes!

The influence of this super stylish make-up trick comes from century old styles–now it just has a modern touch. Famous Cleopatra was always depicted with the extended eye liner, giving her a bold and exotic look.

Fashion icon celebs like music super star, Gwen Stefani or even Amy Winehouse (though she might add a bit too much drama going on), have spread fire to all kinds of trends–and the egyptian eye liner is definitely one of them. Stars like these show that it’s easy to emulate and pull of. The look can be subtle or drawn out–take your pick. But when it comes down to it, the cat wings can make a huge difference to an over all look.

How to do it?
1. Get some black liquid eye liner with a firm wand tip
2. Place your finger on outer corner of your eye and pull to the side slightly–stretching your eyelid straight (do this with eye closed)
3. Trace along your lash line with the eye liner, making a straight line
4. For the cat tail–extend the straight line a bit further out from where your eye lid/lash line ends.
5. Let go of your eyelid–the straight line should have formed a slight upwards curve once you let go. you can adjust the point of the line as you please.
Don’t like black… try dark brown, blue or even purple.
-Danya Shaikh