Today, we learn:

1. If after your divorce, Paris Hilton starts thinking that “You’re Hot,” run in the opposite direction like a rabid dog’s on your trail.
2. If you’re going to have an inspirational Reality Show to demonstrate how perfect your life is, at least try not to cheat on your wife.
3. Make your mother-in-law your best friend. If not, she will surely ruin your marriage… It’s true. It is! We have numbers! Numbers never lie!

Incident#1: The Price is Right for Paris

Paris Hilton wants to help Katie Price through her divorce, because according to her, Price “is hot.” Could this be Hilton looking for a new BFF? The trick worked with a post-divorce Britney, there is no reason why it wouldn’t work on Price. If Hilton has her way, the tabloids will soon be splattered with pictures of the two Reality TV stars; holding hands and avoiding underwear together, prancing under the tawdry glares of strobe lights…

Incident#2: Jon and Kate plus Divorce

Speaking of tawdry, Jon and Kate Gosselin have finally addressed the problems in their marriage on the first episode of the show. Is the Gosselin train headed towards Divorce station? We hope not, they need to hold it together, at least for the sake of their Plus 8. If not, well, Kate can always seek help from Untied. We’ll be here to support her, and her kids too, starting with a brand new hairdo, of course.

Incident#3: Monster-in-Law not just a myth anymore

A study in Malaysia reveals that interference by mothers-in-law is the primary reason for divorce among ethnic Indian groups, beating even infidelity. That is brand new information, and therefore we have no comments. None at all.

Image from dlisted.com