I made it through what felt like arctic temperatures the other night, and surprisingly was able to keep a positive mentality.

The next day I carved my own bow drill kit–the tools necessary to create fire. It took the better part of the morning to make, and after our lunch break of vegetable soup and bread I set my sights on making fire.

A dozen tries later I was getting frustrated and pissed off. Apparently the fire knows when you are acting this way and will do all in its power to prevent you from getting flame.

So I calmed down, took my shoes and socks off and concentrated. The smoke started off light, but soon got thicker and whiter, the dust was gathering nicely, and soon I had a beautiful baby coal.

I added the coal to my tinder bundle, a collection of dry, flammable leaves and grass, gave it some TLC and before I knew it, I was holding fire I created in my own hands

–Sarah Haase