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To celebrate Memorial Day, I decided not to take the day off from yoga and continue my quest for mental clarity.

Thinking I was running late, I scurried from my apartment to the studio since holidays at yoga are generally quite packed. Much to my surprise, I was the first one there.

“Was there a class?” I thought. My worried mind began to nervously chatter.

Soon, yogi after yogi showed up and eventually the teacher – who was in a frenzied state. I always put yoga instructors on a pedestal, thinking they are all-knowing, peaceful people. She had forgotten her keys and her husband had to run home for them.

A lesson learned, she laughed.

That was the first lesson of class that day. Even a yoga instructor can get disheveled – it’s OK to slip up along the way.

“The secret of meditation is to be conscious of each second of your existence and to keep the sun of awareness continually shining.” (on a yoga calendar outside the studio)

This quote caught my eye as I waited in the hallway for class to begin. I thought it was fitting for my practice that day. Even in a rush, fit of forgetfulness, or while waiting, one should strive to be right here, right now.

Not daydreaming off in Timbuktu.

Focusing on the breath helps the mind stay present. One of the breathing exercises from today’s practice was intense and definitely wiped my mind of its thoughts.

Goddess pose, for your inner deity.

1. Bend your legs shoulder with apart.

2. Lunge deep, but don’t over exert yourself. You should be able to see your toes below your knees.

3. Put your arms straight up above your head.

4. Inhale, straightening your legs a bit, and on the exhale pull your arms into your shoulders and bend your knees in a lunge position again.

5. Repeat at a breathing pace comfortable for you.

If this doesn’t wipe your mind, you may already be at yogini status. My body was left feeling tingly and my mind as clear as the beautiful sunny skies.

Yoga high: 1.5