Ever been to a pleasure party? I recently attended my first as part of my research for an article, and now I’m totally convinced to throw my own.

Pleasure parties, if you’re unfamiliar, is the newest evolution of the Tupperware party. It’s got the tried-and-true structure: a salesperson makes a house call to a group of gal-pals. But instead of kitchen supplies or makeup, the pleasure party is about “sex enhancers.” The order form can include anything from lingerie and lubricants to vibrators and sex how-to books. Sure beats the heck out of Tupperware, if you ask me.

Pure Romance’s flavored lip and nipple balm will give a tingly sensation for arousal.

As part of a growing trend, pleasure party companies are generally experiencing huge success. For example, a press release from Passion Parties, a leading company in the industry, boasts a sales record of “60 months of consecutive growth at or above the 50 percent mark.” Similarly, competitor Pure Romance has increased its net sales from $1 million in 1994 to $50 million in 2005. If this doesn’t send a clear message that America wants and needs some sexual healing, I don’t know what does.

Medical experts weigh in on the benefits of pleasure parties on the TV show, “The Doctors.”

It’s a robust business, and many new outfits have popped up to serve regional markets. For Your Pleasure, BlissParties, ScarletGirl, and Ultimate Nights all have informational websites and online shopping.

The great thing about the pleasure party is that it provides a non-threatening environment for women to talk, joke, laugh, and learn about sex. Many companies uphold a no-males-allowed policy. A private venue among friends goes a long way to enhance dialogue—as well as bawdiness. At a pleasure party, there’s no need to worry about what people will think, and most taboos are cut down to size with a good dose of humor.

In 2006, a male sex columnist from MSNBC attended three pleasure parties in Missouri. You can read about the impact his presence had on the party dynamics here.

If you’re considering throwing a pleasure party, take note that most companies offer hostess incentives, which could translate to hundreds of dollars worth of free stuff! A pleasure party could save you money as well as the time and discomfort of visiting a sex shop. Party on!

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