Focusing on one part of fitness just isn’t enough to staying healthy.  An overall well balance of things will help keep the body feeling great, the mind refreshed, and the heart beating.

There is not a general plan for everyone to follow, because everyone is different.  Speaking to a personal trainer, nutritionist, and consulting with your doctor should give you the perfect starting point on assessing your fitness goals.

Key Players:

Fitness Trainer

The trainer will assess you to plan an exercise routine to fit your goals.  Everyone is different, so depending on if you want to lose weight, gain weight, prepare for a marathon or lower your blood pressure, the trainer will know how to help you reach these targets.   Once you get started on an exercise routine, the goals could change due to the progress you make.

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Eating healthy is a hard task to accomplish.  Knowing what to eat, the right times to eat, and how much to eat is very important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  A nutritionist can be very helpful in writing a food plan for you to follow with the balance of essential nutrients and calories that the body needs.  For example if you need more vitamin D or calcium, the nutritionist might recommend dairy products like yogurt and milk, along with the amount of servings the body needs.

Having a food plan co-existed with having a workout plan.

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The Doc

The doctor is the head honcho in this well- balanced plan.  The doctor will assess to see if your health status is improving or if you need to change up and do some other things for fitness.  For example, going to get a check up from a doctor could determine if you need to work on lowering cholesterol levels, decreasing high blood pressure, or rehabilitating a particular injury.

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– Skylaur Morris