While catching up with Grey’s Anatomy online this weekend (an admittedly very guilty pleasure), I was inundated with ads from a recent marketing campaign from Frito-Lay, called Only in a Woman’s World. As far as I can tell, these short webisodes aim to teach women that it’s okay to have a snacking habit, so long as you eat Frito-Lay’s healthy(ier) offerings and have a close-knit foursome of friends. Or something.

Both Jezebel and Shameless magazine slammed the ads for trivializing women’s relationships with food, men, themselves, and each other, and both critiques are apt. But putting aside the one-dimensionality of these ads (and the two-dimensional drawn characters they depict), the site and its message is kind of fun.

Picture 2

Not only can women create their own avatar to fit in with the featured foursome (see mine above), but there are games, snack info, and a series of webisodes to watch (some better than others).

My favorite of the bunch:

The sequence from :25 to :32 was fairly hilarious — who hasn’t been there?

Overall, despite any anti-woman power sentiments the site may have stirred up, it’s a funny — if flimsy — forum for women to escape to for a little while. Just be prepared for some chip cravings to come your way.

–Katie Nowak