Fiona Apple's third full length album

Jennifer Aniston’s got nothing on Fiona Apple.

When Fiona Apple goes through a break up you wont see it played out in the tabloids.  You wont see her and her ex involved in any awkward public appearances, you wont see her on the E! Network giving stock answers and smiling pretty.

No, Apple’s 2005 release “Extraordinary Machine” shows that when Fiona wants to get back at an ex, she sets his soul afire with scathing poetry.   Apple is no stranger to facing her demons through her music and on “Extraordinary Machine” she takes those demons out for a night of liquor and cigarettes.   The ensuing hangover is what makes Apple sound like Carole King drenched in cynicism and doubt.


Apple recorded the disc after her breakup with “Boogie Nights” director and indie film darling Paul Thomas Anderson (above), a man who has been known to fulfill the eccentric (read: crazy) film director stereotype.   The details of their break up are unclear but Anderson must have done some serious damage, just look at the chorus from the track “Get Him Back:”

Wait till I get him back
He won’t have a back to scratch
Yeah, keep turning that chin
And you will see my face
As I figure how to kill what I cannot catch

What’s even scarier about that chorus is how Apple manages to make it catchy and almost danceable, she is the Georgia O’Keefe of the menacing pop hook.

Fiona Apple is the ex girlfriend who turned her crazy impulses into art. Extraordinary Machine earned Apple critical acclaim and a Grammy nomination.  Anderson went on to direct “There Will Be Blood,” a great film that suspiciously did not feature one strong lead female character.   In the artistic battle of post break up healing, Apple is ahead on the scoreboard.

Josh Kruk