Fellow Untieders,

I don’t know about you, but I feel that it is often therapeutic to find people in the world who may be suffering through the same quirks of fate as you are. Take for example the fact that my Blackberry was once stolen in the NYC subway. Okay, so I can’t afford a Blackberry, and I’ve been to New York City a sum total of 0.5 times, but in an alternate, more optimistic universe, it is possible, okay? So when I read that the exact thing happened to Kevin Bacon, I took heart – celebrities can be complete idiots too.

In keeping with the same spirit of shared misfortune, this blog will aim at bringing you up-to-speed with all the divorce-related news in the world. Text-message divorces? Celebrity couple screaming matches? Read about them here first! Be warned though, this blog is not for the weak-bellied – there will be blood, tears and mud-wrestling lesbians. There will be shameless promotion of reality television. There will be Peter Andre.

So steel yourself.

In the meantime, I’ll go trawl the web.

Love and kisses.