There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Anais Nin

The world can be an intimidating place, even for adults. I feel like I’ve seen all I can see… until a new situation arises and the unknown greets me with a coy smile and a wink.

I tend to think I’m a pretty open person who takes chances and says what is on my mind, but some situations make me squeamish still.

Exhibit A: intimacy.

I’m in New York City working on a web exclusive story for Untied. The subject matter? Female sensuality. I spent today wandering around Soho with a friend, hopping from one sex shop to the next. I’d never even been to a sex shop. Before entering the first store I felt like running away and giggling like a little kid. But I walked in, interviewed the store employees and slowly understood that sometimes you have to dive into awkward and uncomfortable situations. And they end up better than you’d expect.

I thought Anais Nin’s quote summed up today pretty well. Instead of staying tight in my bud of shyness and prudence, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and learned quite a bit. Mostly about gender-specific bits of anatomy 😉 Keep your eyes peeled for the web exclusive story that will make its way to our web site in late June.